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21st May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] Don’t Put Landing This Kuzan Card on Ice (Paramount War [OP-02] OP02-121)

Thankfully for those still catching up with the manga, this card doesn't have any spoilers on it despite its character's newly-increased relevance to the storyline.

ONE PIECE Card Game Kuzan

Many of the cards in the ONE PIECE Card Game set Paramount War [OP-02] are linked to the Summit War of Marineford. One such card is this card depicting Kuzan, one of the Marineford Arc’s key antagonists.

Despite having debuted in the One Piece manga in the Long Ring Long Land, it wasn’t until the Marineford Arc—in particular, the section covering the Summit War of Marineford—that the Marine Admiral took on a larger role in the narrative. Nevertheless, newer One Piece fans might also be drawn to this card because Kuzan’s role in the more recent portion of the manga has become even more prominent. Kuzan is a major antagonist of the ongoing Egghead Arc.

In addition to this card’s impressive rarity of Secret Rare Parallel (SEC-P), the card’s illustration shows Kuzan attacking with the power of his Devil Fruit. The right side of Kuzan’s body can be seen slowly turning to ice—the main ability that the Ice-Ice Fruit grants him. To further emphasize his immense powers, flurries can be seen swirling around Kuzan; it’s implied that Kuzan is controlling those as well.

Ever since his introduction, Kuzan has consistently ranked among the most popular One Piece villains according to fan polls. This is another factor that has driven general interest in this card.

This card has already been released in English.

One copy of a Kuzan (Paramount War [OP-02] OP02-121) card has a price tag of 2,200 JPY (~US$14).

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