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17th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] The Baroness Leaves the Battlefield: Baronne de Fleur (Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition RC04-JP035)

Banned to prevent overcentralization of the current meta.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Baronne de Fleur

Konami’s latest updates to the banned and restricted card list for tournaments outside Japan and Asia-Pacific have seen Baronne de Fleur completely banned from competitive play. This was a decision widely lauded by the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG community as most had regarded this card as one harming the state of the metagame.

As was the case regarding Borreload Savage Dragon’s ban, Baronne de Fleur was causing the meta to become overcentralized. The two cards were frequently used together in endgame situations along with I:P Masquerena and a 3-material or 4-material Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. One or two cards specific to the deck’s archetype would typically be included as well.

An indirect yet still pertinent effect of Baronne de Fleur’s ban is its impact on spell and trap negates. Relatively few newer cards and archetypes are classified as such, but those which are rank among the biggest staples of the current meta. Due to the nature of the Baronne de Fleur card, players are more likely to be drawn towards mass removal spells and traps following the card’s ban.

From a visual perspective, this Quarter Century Secret Rare card features the baroness atop her unicorn steed, brandishing her shield. While this card might not necessarily benefit from the usual “female character effect” unlike other cards depicting female characters, the card’s banned status and rarity more than make up for this.

This card has been released in English.

The retail price of a Baronne de Fleur (Rarity Collection Quarter Century Edition RC04-JP035) card is 11,100 JPY (~US$72).

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