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17th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] Linkuriboh Heads to the Blacklist (Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity QCCU-JP101)

For those who thought it would be that easy to set up game-breaking combos: yeah, no.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Linkuriboh

Among the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh TCG deck archetypes in the current metagame are Snake-Eyes decks. These decks’ primary functions are enabled by several cards placed in the Extra Deck that greatly simplify setups without any drawbacks. The Linkuriboh is one such card; for that reason, Konami has banned it from tournament play outside Japan and Asia-Pacific.

The most devastating effect brought about by Linkuriboh is its ability to place a Snake-Eyes Poplar (Phantom Nightmare PHNI-JP012) card in the Graveyard almost immediately. This sets up a colossal number of combos which unbalance the game in the player’s favour with almost no difficulty at all.

Although all of the recent Extra Deck-related bans target Snake-Eyes decks to some degree, Linkuriboh is by far the most obvious of these. It’s the easiest way to get the Snake-Eyes Poplar or other such cards to the Graveyard; cards such as the Salamangreat Almiraj (Rarity Collection Premium Gold Edition RC03-JP030) card might have the same effect but are significantly less broken.

From a collector’s perspective, this card’s new status as a banned card likely adds to its mystique. Additionally, this card comes in the unique Quarter Century Secret Rare rarity.

This card has been released in English.

One copy of a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of a Linkuriboh (Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity QCCU-JP101) card sells for 6,770 JPY (~US$44).

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