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15th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon [Release Date: 17 May 2024]

"I like big cards and I cannot lie."


Revealed in tandem with the Charizard ex and Chien-Pao ex Battle Master Decks during the Champions League Aichi livestream, the Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon will be arriving in Japan on 17 May 2024. Like other Ogerpon-related Pokémon TCG content, it will be directly related to the upcoming Mask of Change [SV6] expansion set.

The standout feature of the Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon will be the giant Ogerpon card that the set’s name alludes to. This card is to be mounted on the card stand that comes with the set.

Bundled with this oversized card and its stand are holofoil Art Rare (AR) promotional versions of the Ogerpon and Ogre’s Mask cards from Mask of Change [SV6]. Adding to this, there’ll be a coin bearing Ogerpon’s image thrown in.

Most exciting of all, however, are the eight booster packs that come with the set. With that many booster packs bundled with the set, the chances of pulling a rare and valuable card are exponentially increased.

No international release for the Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon has yet been confirmed.

The price of the Special Jumbo Card Set Ogerpon is 1,980 JPY (~US$13).

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