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12th April 2024 EDT NEWS

[Pokémon TCG] The Future Box Deck Is a Two-Way Threat

This well-balanced, flexible deck blends offensive and defensive strategies to maximize its Future Pokémon's capabilities.

Pokémon TCG Future Box Deck

The introduction of Ancient and Future cards in the ninth generation of the Pokémon TCG brought a slew of new tactics and deck setups to the forefront. Entire box deck archetypes have even been built around these concepts and have seen a considerable amount of success in tournament play. The Future Box deck is one such deck.

Like other box decks, the Future Box deck is built around a group of Pokémon rather than a single lynchpin upon which the deck hinges. The Miraidon card from Cyber Judge [SV5M] gets the ball rolling with its Peak Acceleration attack which allows the player to attach Energy cards to any of the player’s Future Pokémon.

Through Peak Acceleration, the Iron Hands ex card from Future Flash [SV4M] will be powered up before too long. It’s best used to finish off opponents’ Pokémon—if its Amp You Very Much attack scores a KO, the player gets to take a bonus Prize card. The presence of Iron Crown ex from the Cyber Judge ex [SV5M] set can make the KO safe through Cobalt Command, its Ability that raises damage output from the player’s Future Pokémon against the opponent’s Active Pokémon by 20.

But it’s not just about offense. Thanks to the Iron Thorns ex card from Crimson Haze [SV5a], the Future Box deck is no slouch on defense either. Initialization, the Rock/Electric-type Paradox Pokémon’s Ability, negates the Abilities of all of both players’ Pokémon with a Rule Box except for those of Future Pokémon.

The total cost of the cards in a Future Box deck is 6,000 JPY (~US$39).

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