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11th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] Promotional Card Pack Release: The 3 Brothers of One Piece School [Release Date: June 2024]

Not every One Piece card has to be from the canonical material.


Although One Piece School—the One Piece spin-off manga created by Kōji Sōhei—might not be part of the One Piece canon, that hasn’t stopped it from gaining a nice following among a significant portion of the fanbase. With this in mind, BANDAI will be releasing The 3 Brothers of One Piece School, a 3-card ONE PIECE Card Game promotional card pack containing cards featuring images from One Piece School.

The characters featured on the cards in The 3 Brothers of One Piece School are Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, and Sabo. All three characters are depicted in their One Piece School renderings and all three cards come with a holofoil finish.

This pack takes its name from the nickname “The Three Brothers”—the moniker by which the trio collectively went in the main manga series prior to Ace’s death.

The 3 Brothers of One Piece School is now available for pre-order on various websites. However, buyers will have to wait until June 2024 for the pack to arrive.

The 3 Brothers of One Piece School pack has a price tag of 3,300 JPY (~US$22).

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