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The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watch Collaborations You Don’t Want to Miss!

G-SHOCK's interesting history including its rarest and most expensive models!

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watch Collaborations You Don’t Want to Miss!
The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watch Collaborations You Don’t Want to Miss!

G-SHOCK. The name itself conjures images of watches that can withstand anything you throw at them (or drop them on!). But G-SHOCK isn’t just about legendary toughness–it’s also a brand known for pushing boundaries.

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

A table showcasing three decades of G-SHOCK evolution history

Did you know the man behind G-SHOCK, Kikuo Ibe, got the idea after his favorite watch fell apart? From the moment Kikuo Ibe envisioned a watch that could withstand the unthinkable, to today’s eclectic partnerships, G-SHOCK has continuously shattered expectations.

In an interview with HODINKEE, Ibe expressed regret for not preserving any of the more than 200 prototypes, acknowledging that had he anticipated G-SHOCK’s monumental success, he would have never discarded them.

Among the rarest G-SHOCKS is the “Project Team Tough” model, exclusively given to the original development team, with only two of the eight originals surviving today.

The Most Expensive G-SHOCK-MRGG1000HT “Hammer Tone”

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watch- most expensive G-SHOCK

The MRGG1000HT “Hammer Tone” in the picture above, stands as the pinnacle of G-SHOCK’s aesthetic complexity and price (~US$6200), distinguished by its unique tsuiki hammered decoration applied by a single artisan, Bihou Asano, to all 300 pieces over six months, making it an extraordinary example of manual craftsmanship within the G-SHOCK series.

Today, G-SHOCK teams up with world-famous names, creating limited-edition pieces that are as much about expressing your style as they are about enduring the elements.

This article unfurls the curtain to reveal the top 10 G-SHOCK collaborations, where technology, art, and durability collide, offering you a guide through the maze of the latest and greatest G-SHOCK watches to grace the wrist of enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Top 10 G-SHOCK Collaborations:

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1. Kith for G-SHOCK GM-6900 10-Year Anniversary

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

Marking Kith’s 10th in 2021, the G-SHOCK collab featured an iridescent rainbow metal bezel achieved after ten sampling rounds. Priced at US$400 in March 2021, it combines G-Shock resilience with an electro-luminescent backlight and multi-function alarm, maintaining the brand’s renowned durability and functionality.

2. G-SHOCK x A Bathing Ape® 30th Anniversary Watch GM6900BAPE-1

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

Celebrating BAPE’s 30th anniversary, the G-SHOCK × BAPE GM6900BAPE-1, released November 2023 for US$350, blends G-SHOCK’s toughness with BAPE’s 1st Camo. It includes a laser-etched bezel, extra camo fabric band, commemorative engraving, and special packaging, showcasing a fusion of durability and street style.

3. Bodega x G-SHOCK DW5600 “Anytime & Anywhere”

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The Bodega x G-SHOCK DW5600 “Anytime & Anywhere,” was released on 17 Feb 2023, marked at US$170 to celebrate G-SHOCK’s 40th anniversary, blending the DW5600’s durability with Bodega’s unique design. It features an alternative woven band, a retro co-branded face, special case back engraving, and comes in a unique carrying case.

4. Wu-Tang x G-SHOCK GM6900WTC22

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The Wu-Tang x G-SHOCK GM6900WTC22, launched in February 2023 at US$280 for Wu-Tang’s 30th anniversary, updates the classic DW6900 with a stainless steel black IP bezel.

It features a “W” logo on the black mirror dial, Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic lyric “Cash Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.)” around the border, a special “WU-TANG” EL backlight image, and a co-branded case back engraving, all presented in special packaging inspired by Wu-Tang’s “Killer Bees” theme.

5. Royal Navy x G-SHOCK Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8A

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The collaboration between G-SHOCK and the Royal British Navy, resulted in the limited edition Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8A, released in 2021 for US$964, which boasts a Carbon Core Guard, Bluetooth for dive logs, tide info, and a phone finder. Water-resistant up to 200M, it excels in harsh sea conditions.


The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The NASA x G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4, a US$170 sold-out launch from July 2022, marries space heritage and G-SHOCK’s toughness. Inspired by astronaut gear, it sports a laser-printed NASA logo and flag on the strap, with Radio Controlled timekeeping and Tough Solar tech.

7. A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER, released in December 2018 for US$150 (sold out), stands as a bold statement piece developed in collaboration with hip-hop artist A$AP Ferg.

This special edition blends a unique semi-transparent design with vibrant accents, analog and digital displays, orange LED backlighting, and a 200M water resistance, showcasing one of G-SHOCK’s most advanced and expressive collaborations.

8. Casio G-Shock x BAPE x Kid Cudi

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches

The Casio G-Shock x BAPE x Kid Cudi DW 6900 launched for US$230 in August 2021, features a unique pink bezel, a red and blue band, and distinctive logos. It represents a significant partnership, especially since Kid Cudi’s early career involved working at BAPE’s New York store, making this collaboration a full-circle moment.


Best G Shock Watches to Buy

The G-SHOCK x HIDDEN® DW5600HDN227 unites two streetwear powerhouses in a limited edition timepiece celebrating G-SHOCK’s 40th anniversary.

Featuring the iconic DW5600 design in HIDDEN.NY’s signature white and green, this watch embodies the “Past, Present, and Future” mantra, reflecting the enduring appeal of G-SHOCK. Launched for US$170 on August 2023, it features brand logos and special packaging.

10. FC Barcelona Matchday Collaboration Model GBD100BAR-4

The 10 Best G-SHOCK Watches to Buy Now

The GBD-100BAR-4, from G-SHOCK and “Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona,” features the team’s colors and special design elements like the club’s motto and crest. Released in January 2022 for US$230, it offers advanced features via the G-SHOCK MOVE app.

Beyond the List

While our top selections captured the essence of G-SHOCK’s most memorable collaborations, other gems like the Online Ceramics x Hodinkee x G-Shock and the G-Shock Guitarhythm GA-2100HT-1AJR also deserve a nod. These unique partnerships reflect G-SHOCK’s expansive influence, blending creativity, music, and fashion innovatively.

Did you miss out on these limited editions? Fret not. Dive into our secondary market on the SNKRDUNK App to discover and purchase these and other iconic G-SHOCK collaborations. It’s your gateway to owning a piece of history, ensuring these remarkable timepieces strut on your streets.

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