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1st January 2024 EDT FEATURES

South Korean Streetwear Brands To Watch in 2024

Ten entities that redefine urban fashion through innovative designs, cultural resonance, and a unique blend of style and comfort.


In recent times, South Korea has emerged as a vibrant hub for fashion enthusiasts, extending its influence far beyond just K-pop and K-drama. At the forefront are renowned brands like thisisneverthat, ADER ERROR and POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF), which have garnered international acclaim for their innovative designs and unique aesthetics.

Beyond these trailblazers, a wave of domestic brands is steadily rising, each contributing to the rich arras of South Korean fashion with their own distinct identity. As curators of contemporary trends, we have consolidated a list of burgeoning brands that we believe will shape the fashion landscape in 2024.

Here are 10 South Korean streetwear brands to watch in 2024:

■ Thug Club

Thug Club

Remember seeing a wild FILA Dragon Boots collaboration that recently dropped? Yes, it’s Thug Club we are talking about here. Founded by designers Min and Kwon, the brand is known for its edgy aesthetics and provocative messages—in particular, the “Suck My Dick” labeled series—and is supported by both local and international artists, including Zico, CL, 24kGoldn, and more.

Find a range of punk-inspired styles within their catalogue, including heavily distressed denims and also pieces with metal embellishments, alongside unconventional selections such as knit helmets and more.

Official website / Instagram



Moving on to a more casual style, we have YESEYESEE. Pronounced “YES I SEE”, the 2017 founded brand boasts a concept of fashion that is defined by the individual wearing it.

Noted for its young appeal with oversized fits and colorful prints designed by thisisneverthat’s designer, the brand’s items is not only popular among the general public, but also many South Korean celebrities including Red Velvet’s Seulgi, NewJeans and KARA’s Young-ji.

Besides a wide array of streetwear staples offered, the brand’s recent sold-out New Balance 530 collaboration proves that they are on the radar of fashion enthusiasts and certainly worth to check out in the coming year.

Official website / Instagram



If you’re all about staying on trend, WKNDRS is the go-to brand. True to its name, WKNDRS caters to the “weekenders”, offering a blend of comfort and laid-back style. Amidst their diverse collection, you’ll find a range of graphic-centered items that encapsulate the most fashionable trends of 2023, including jerseys, racing-themed apparel, and trendy mules.

Whether you’re into relaxed loungewear or statement pieces, WKNDRS definitely has something to elevate your weekend wardrobe.

Official website / Instagram



If you’re drawn to the distressed or, shall we say, “ugly” aesthetic of fashion, popularized by brands like Balenciaga and Givenchy, then FAR FROM WHAT is a brand definitely worth exploring.

From distinctively washed graphic tees to cropped hoodies and technical cargo pants, the brand’s wide array of offerings are noted to embrace contemporary fits, which skillfully presents a modern perspective on fashion, infusing deliberate imperfections into these styles for a raw and distinct look.

The best part? You can venture into high street fashion styles without straining your budget.

Official website / Instagram


In contrast to the aforementioned brands above, SATUR is all about the “cleanfit” aesthetics. Founded in 2020, the brand upholds a motto of “gift yourself a Saturday”, which is reflected in their resort-inspired styles.

Their collections feature a variety of offerings, including Fall knitwear, Summer graphic tees, and more—all presented in versatile colors and adorned with the brand’s logos. Dive into their catalog, and you might just uncover an entire wardrobe of stylish ensembles.

Official website / Instagram

■ Anglan


Love oversized fits and all things “city boy” chic? Then Anglan is the brand to have on your radar. Anglan embraces a distinctive style with standout offerings such as signature balloon pants silhouettes, checkered shirts and applique logo sweats.

In addition to their in-line products, the brand operates as a boutique offering a curated selection of brands that embody the “city boy” aesthetic. For those who demand both comfort and style, Anglan’s offerings unequivocally tick all the boxes.

Official website / Instagram



You might be familiar with VIVASTUDIO, a brand that gained prominence alongside other notable names like thisisneverthat and LMC a few years ago. Over time, VIVASTUDIO has consistently presented an extensive range of streetwear staples each season, with their location tee standing out as a notable highlight in their catalog.

VIVASTUDIO accommodates a spectrum of aesthetic styles, ensuring that each new release unveils something unique, with the potential for exciting collaborations.

Official website / Instagram



Are you a dedicated fan of the K-pop phenomenon BTS, especially the amazing Jungkook? Then you’re probably already in the know about GRAFFITIONMIND, the stylish streetwear brand founded by Jungkook’s brother, Jeon Junghyun.

Offering contemporary cuts with a sleek, minimal aesthetic, GRAFFITIONMIND embraces the spirit of “Low-level culture” and rebellious “Art”, beautifully reflected in their graffiti-centered prints. If you’re on the lookout for effortlessly cool pieces rocked by the K-pop idol himself, look no further than GRAFFITIONMIND.

Official website / Instagram



Here’s one for the trendsetting ladies! OJOS, a cutting-edge womenswear brand, unveils a captivating collection of Y2K and techwear-inspired ensembles. Anchored in a chic grayscale palette, the brand’s offerings boast experimental cuts, drawing inspiration from abstract and faded art forms.

Furthermore, the recent triple collaboration with ASICS and atmos on the GEL-1130 RE signals just the beginning of their exciting partnerships in the near future.

Official website / Instagram

■ Superfast


2023 has witnessed a convergence of trends, most notably the ascent of racing aesthetics. Enter Superfast, a brand that has been championing this concept since its inception. Recognized as a cultural label with a focus on automobile aesthetics, Superfast’s lineup includes helmet jacquard bags, F1 coach jackets, and more, all featuring various car graphics infused with vintage influences.

As we peer into the future of fashion, it’s safe to assume that Superfast is not just ahead of the curve; it’s super fast when it comes to staying on trend.

Official website / Instagram

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