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14th June 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] Core Booster Release: Rage of the Abyss [Release Date: 27 July 2024]

Every purchase of a Rage of the Abyss booster box in its first print run will come with a Rage of the Abyss +1 Bonus Pack.


[Update 14 Jun 2024] On the official Yu-Gi-Oh website, a slew of new card images have emerged. Check them all out in the gallery and stay tuned as further details come in.

[Update 12 Jun 2024] New images of five cards have been uploaded to the official Yu-Gi-Oh website. Browse the gallery for them and stay with us as more details arrive.

[Update 10 Jun 2024] First off, it’s now known that the rarity list provided specifically pertains to the English version of Rage of the Abyss. The Japanese version contains 81 cards and has a card rarity breakdown as follows:

  • 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare
  • 9 Ultra Rares
  • 11 Super Rares
  • 19 Rares
  • 41 Commons

Additionally, a post on YGOrganization has shown the image of the Blue-Eyes of the Heart card for the first time. Check it out in the gallery and stay with us for information to come!

[Update 7 Jun 2024] Several key pieces of information about Rage of the Abyss have been posted on Yu-Gi-Oh TCG fansite YGOrganization. First off, details about three cards have been revealed. There will be a reprint of the Number 32: Shark Drake card last printed in 2021 as part of Structure Deck: Overlay Universe.

Other cards that have been confirmed to feature in Rage of the Abyss include a Level 4 Fish monster with ties to the Big Jaws card most recently found in Duel Terminal – Sacred Star Knights!! all the way back in 2011 as well as a new Level 3 WATER Xyz Monster. The latter card’s name is yet to be revealed.

Rage of the Abyss has also been confirmed to contain 101 cards with the following rarity breakdown:

  • 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare
  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 50 Commons

A total of 24 cards of other rarities will also be available as Quarter Century Secret Rares. While not mentioned outright, these will likely be the Secret Rares and Ultra Rares.

Stay tuned as more information continues to arrive.

[Update 15 May 2024] A series of card illustrations as well as the packaging image for this Core Booster have been posted on the official Yu-Gi-Oh website. Find them in the gallery and stay with us for further details!


The first details of the sixth Core Booster of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG’s Series 12 are now out. Konami has now confirmed that Rage of the Abyss will be launched in Japan on 27 July 2024.

The card and rarity lists of Rage of the Abyss are yet to be finalized. Stay with us for further details on this matter.

Each purchase of a Rage of the Abyss booster box in its first print run will have a Rage of the Abyss +1 Bonus Pack thrown in as a freebie. All copies of the Rage of the Abyss +1 Bonus Pack will contain one of 19 possible cards. Of these 19 cards, 10 are Super Rare, 8 are Ultra Rare, and 1 is Quarter Century Secret Rare. All Super Rares and Ultra Rares will also be printed as Quarter Century Secret Rares.

A 5-card Rage of the Abyss pack will cost 176 JPY (~US$1.16). It will also be possible to purchase a booster box containing 30 packs.

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