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1st April 2024 EDT RELEASES

Paisa Boys x Nike: A Chicano Streetwear Symphony Set for 2024

Chicano heritage meets iconic sneaker craftsmanship.


In an exciting fusion of street culture and heritage, Paisa Boys, the LA-based brand known for its deep Mexican-American Chicano roots, is teaming up with sportswear giant Nike for a collection that’s poised to hit the global stage in the latter half of 2024.

Founded in 2016 by Joey Barba and Javier Bandera, Paisa Boys has carved a niche with designs that resonate with nostalgia and local love, particularly among the Mexican community in LA.

This collaboration is set to showcase the Air Force 1 and Cortez adorned with iconic pattern embroidery, making a statement with their distinctive black-and-white color scheme. The collection will also feature belts, adding an extra layer of style to the ensemble.

As we await more details, including the full collection lineup and information on domestic availability, this unique partnership celebrates identity through the universal language of fashion.

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