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26th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Yu-Gi-Oh TCG] Summon Sorceress Gets an Edit and an Unban (Perfect Rulebook 2024 Promotional Card RB07-JP001) [Release Date: 26 April 2024]

Following the editing of errata, this card is once again legal for use.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Summon Sorceress

One of the most game-breaking cards in the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG should never have been that way to begin with. First released as a promotional card bundled with the January 2018 issue of shōnen manga magazine V Jump, Summon Sorceress’ original text made it clearly overpowered.

In its original form, Summon Sorceress set up countless unbalanced First Turn Kills and other combos when Link Summoned. This was possible through its ability to Special Summon a monster from the deck which had to be the same type as a monster that was Special Summoned from the players hand to a zone on the opponent’s field that Summon Sorceress points to. The player would not be locked into using the Special Summoned monster from the deck, allowing for extreme flexibility and splashability.

The edited text to debut on this card’s upcoming Perfect Rulebook 2024 version, however, prevents this from being an issue in future tournament play. Previously, this card locked the user into the monster using the effect. Now, the player will instead be locked into using the Special Summoned monster from the deck—a significant nerf, and one which Konami has deemed sufficient to unban this card.

This card is likely to be a major attraction for collectors as well. In addition to its status as a promotional card, the card depicts a somewhat-scantily clad female character in figure-accentuating armor. To further play up her sex appeal, she’s positioned slightly suggestively—and all of these factors are thus probably leveraged to cater to the fanbase’s primary demographic.

The Perfect Rulebook promotional card (RB07-JP001) version of Summon Sorceress will be released on 26 April 2024. The date of an international release remains unconfirmed, as does its retail price.

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