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14th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Torkoal Heats Things Up (Dream League [SM11b] 050/049)

Despite having been initially released two generations ago, this card has recently experienced a rapid value boost.

Pokémon TCG Torkoal

The once-unassuming Torkoal became an overnight superstar in the Pokémon video games after receiving the game-changing Drought ability in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Capitalizing on the Pokémon’s newfound popularity, the Pokémon TCG expansion set Dream League [SM11b] included a Torkoal card of the Character Rare (CHR) rarity—a card that’s recently seen a notable uptick in value.

The card’s Full Art illustration shows that the Torkoal in question belongs to Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery—the character depicted alongside the Coal Pokémon. Arguably the Pokémon series’ third generation’s most popular Gym Leader, Flannery’s presence alone makes the card a more desirable pull.

In addition to the card’s CHR rarity, the card’s well-timed release may have contributed to its appeal. Launched during Pokémon’s seventh generation, those who played the Pokémon video games would likely have been drawn to this card owing to Torkoal’s new prominence on the video game scene.

This card was released in English as card 237/236 of the Cosmic Eclipse set.

A copy of the CHR version of a Torkoal (Dream League [SM11b] 050/049) card has a sale price of ¥7,999 (~US$54).

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