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14th March 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] Nami Cashes In Big-Time (Wings of the Captain [OP-06] OP06-101)

Will Nami cards ever lose their fan appeal? Probably not.

ONE PIECE Card Game Nami

The female character who receives the most screen time throughout the entirety of the ONE PIECE series, any card of significant rarity that features Nami is bound to be a fan favorite. This Parallel Art card from the Wings of the Captain [OP-06] ONE PIECE Card Game booster pack is no different.

Aesthetically, the illustration keeps things relatively simple yet appealing. The Straw Hat Pirates’ navigator is depicted in a forward-facing pose on one knee in front of a floral background. Holding up three gold coins while smiling somewhat mischievously, Nami’s well-known money-hungry side is clearly conveyed as well.

The stereotypical “female character effect” once again not only comes into play but has actively been courted by the illustrator. To exaggerate Nami’s sex appeal, the angle used places her head slightly above the center of the card so that the attention was drawn to her chest.

This card has had an English release.

The price of a Parallel Art Nami (Wings of the Captain [OP-06] OP06-101) card is ¥8,500 (~US$58).

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