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21st February 2024 EDT FEATURES

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide

Dive into the unique allure of Australian streetwear in this must-read guide.


Australia’s streetwear scene is as diverse as its landscape, blending laid-back surf culture with urban sophistication. Here, we spotlight the top streetwear brands that embody the spirit of Australian fashion, showcasing innovation, style, and a commitment to community. From global icons to local legends, these are the brands redefining streetwear Down Under.

Song for the Mute

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia: Song for the Mute

At the heart of Australian avant-garde streetwear is Song for the Mute. Founded in 2010 by Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty, this brand has become synonymous with meticulous craftsmanship and a unique blend of influences.

Operating from Glebe, they collaborate with artisans from Japan and Italy to create fashion that pushes boundaries. Discover their latest collaborations and collections on the SNKRDUNK App and follow their story on Instagram @songforthemute.


Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

HAL STUDIOS® is a dynamic Australian brand that redefines design through its exploration of subcultures, art, and technology. Blending innovative materials with traditional craftsmanship, it offers versatile apparel that harmonizes form, function, and quality.

Celebrated for its experimental spirit, HAL STUDIOS® presents seasonal collections that cater to the modern lifestyle, ensuring comfort and style in any environment. Follow this Australian streetwear brand on instagram @hal.studios. Buy HAL STUDIOS on the SNKRDUNK App.

Perks And Mini (P.A.M.)

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

Perks And Mini (P.A.M.) transcends the conventional, morphing from Melbourne and Sydney streetwear stores into a global trendsetter, offering bizarre cuts and prints that captivate. Collaborations with labels like NEIGHBORHOOD have cemented its status among Australia’s elite. The brand’s unique flair even caught the eye of HBO’s Euphoria. Catch their latest on Instagram @perksandmini and find exclusive pieces on the SNKRDUNK App.

Above the Clouds

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

Above the Clouds stands as a beacon in the Australian streetwear landscape, renowned for its curated selection of over 90 international and local brands. This retailer transcends the traditional shopping experience by offering a unique blend of sought-after labels, from mainstream giants like Nike and New Balance to niche names such as A Kind of Guise and Casablanca.

Embracing a genderless approach to fashion, Above the Clouds caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring every visit—whether online or in their flagship store—is a discovery of the latest in apparel, footwear, and accessories. Follow them @abovethecloudsstore and buy them on the SNKRDUNK App.

Up There

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

Up There Store stands as a pinnacle in Melbourne’s fashion and sneaker scene, housing an elite mix of brands like Kapital, Engineered Garments, and exclusive New Balance collaborations. Esteemed for its commitment to community and exceptional customer service, Up There offers a joyful retail experience, showcasing iconic styles and fostering a unique shopping environment.

With its flagship store designed by Melbourne-based architect Kennedy Nolan, featuring a cinematic interior and a curated selection of fashion, streetwear, and accessories, Up There is a must-visit for enthusiasts looking to connect and discover the rarest finds. Follow them @uptherestore or buy on the SNKRDUNK App.

Butter Goods

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

From the skate parks of Perth to the global stage, Butter Goods has skated its way into the heart of the streetwear scene. True to its roots, the brand melds ’90s hip-hop, jazz, and soul with Australian skate culture, earning nods from celebrities like Justin Bieber. For a look at their authentic designs, follow @buttergoods and check their range on the SNKRDUNK App.


Pass~Port captures skateboarding’s passion and creativity, making it a pillar of the Australian skate scene. Embodying the spirit of Sydney’s Inner West, Pass~Port stands as a dynamic force in Australian streetwear, celebrated for its notable collaborations from Camp Cove to Nike SB. Dive into their world and follow the journey via @pass_port.

U.P.S Skate Shop

U.P.S. Skate Shop epitomizes the essence of authentic skate culture. Owned and operated by passionate skateboarders, U.P.S. prides itself on offering an exceptional range of quality skate products, from limited-edition shoes and streetwear to premium hardware and boards.

Celebrating both local and international brands like Vans, DC Shoes, Butter Goods, Passport, and Converse, this boutique ensures every item reflects the true spirit of skateboarding. Follow their journey on Instagram @ups_skateshop for a glimpse into the world of genuine skateboarding passion and community contribution. Also, check out their store nestled in the heart of Chippendale, New South Wales.


Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

Jeremy Hershan’s Haulier is redefining Australian fashion with its debut at Australian Fashion Week 2023. Merging streetwear with contemporary menswear, Haulier is known for its sophisticated reinterpretation of casual staples, quickly becoming a global sensation. Catch up with them via @HAULIER.


Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

HoMie began with a mission to combat homelessness and has evolved into a fashion-forward social enterprise. Their collaborations, including ones with Champion, not only offer style but also a chance for vulnerable youth to rebuild their lives. Support their cause and follow their latest collection via @homie.com.au.

Clothing The Gaps

Top Streetwear Brands in Australia:

Clothing The Gaps leverages fashion as a platform for advocacy, uniting people around Indigenous causes with its Mob-only and ally-friendly apparel. Their merchandise funds crucial health and community engagement programs, making each purchase a step toward social change. Discover their impactful designs on their Instagram @clothingthegaps.

In the vibrant world of Australian streetwear, these brands stand out not just for their designs but for their stories and impact. Whether you’re drawn to the artistic expressions of Song for the Mute, the social mission of HoMie, the skateboarding passion of U.P.S., or the innovative collaborations of P.A.M., each brand offers a unique perspective on what streetwear can be. Remember, wearing these brands isn’t just about making a fashion statement; it’s about being part of a larger story and community.

Dive into the diversity of Australian streetwear and find pieces that speak to your style and values. And remember, sharing your finds using #SNKRDUNKme might just get you featured. Join the conversation and celebrate the best streetwear brands Australia has to offer.

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