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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Shipping Fees on the SNKRDUNK App Have Been Lowered!

Good news if you're living in the US, Australia, or Singapore: Purchase your favorite products with a reduced delivery charge.


What do we like more than buying our favorite sneakers? Saving money on them, of course!

If you have been eyeing a recent sneaker drop, we have some great news for you.

To save you the boring, nitty gritty details—we’ve worked on improving our delivery process, allowing for better shipping prices to the US, Australia, and Singapore!

Updated Shipping Fees on the SNKRDUNK App

  1. • For users living in the US, shipping starts from US$18
  2. • For users living in Australia, shipping starts from US$15
  3. • For users living in Singapore, shipping starts from SG$5

  4. *Shipping fee will vary depending on the listing.
    **The above-mentioned changes in shipping fees are only applicable for sneaker products on the app.
    ***Shipping prices are reflected on the app in USD. If you are displaying a different currency on the app, prices might fluctuate due to currency exchange.

Psst, here’s a protip: If you’re browsing on the SNKRDUNK App, be sure to check out all the available listings for your chosen sizing. You can do so by clicking on the number of listings displayed right beside your chosen size.

Doing so brings up all of the available options you have, allowing you to pick and choose where to buy from. Depending on the seller’s location, some listings will have a more suitable shipping fee. With a keen eye and a few taps (leave the math to our checkout page!), you might be able to find a better deal.

shipping prices have been lowered on the snkrdunk app

While our lowered delivery prices are currently for users in the US, Australia, and Singapore, hang tight—we’re always improving our services for users globally. Follow us on our platforms (Instagram | Twitter | Facebook) to be the first to know when there are major updates.

Hop onto the SNKRDUNK App today and cop that sneaker you’ve been dreaming about!

P.S. If you’re a first-time user, you can enjoy further discounts by using the welcome code below: