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22nd June 2023 EDT FEATURES

Buy Trading Card Games on the SNKRDUNK App Now!

Easily search for your favorite Trading Card Game (TCG) sealed boxes, booster packs, or single cards via the 'Trading Cards' Tab on the SNKRDUNK App!

Buy Trading Card Games on the SNKRDUNK App Now!
Buy Trading Card Games on the SNKRDUNK App Now!

Whether you’re a Gotta Catch ‘Em All! or a It’s Your Move! sort of person, there’s good news for all TCG enthusiasts—the ‘Trading Cards’ tab is now live on the SNKRDUNK App!

On our App homepage, you can find the ‘Trading Cards’ tab nestled in the top navigation bar, right next to ‘Sneakers’ and ‘Streetwear’.

This new tab offers an easier way to search and find the TCG items you are looking for more efficiently. Be it Pokémon, One Piece or Yu-Gi-Oh!, you can now purchase it directly from sellers in Japan via the SNKRDUNK App.



Currently, the SNKRDUNK App offers sealed booster boxes, individual packs, single cards, and PSA-graded cards for the following TCGs:

  • ‎• Pokémon
  • ‎• One Piece
  • ‎• Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • ‎‎• Duel Masters
  • • Shadowverse: Evolve
  • ‎• Magic: The Gathering

    Note: At present time, we only offer Japanese TCG products on our app.

Scroll through the ‘Trading Cards’ tab and discover the most popular TCG products at the moment. You can also find the best-selling boxes and cards from each individual TCG at the bottom of the tab, as well as filter by ‘Single Card’ or ‘Box & Packs’ categories for your purview. Up top, you can also use the search function to find specific single cards or box sets.

Single Card Conditions

For single cards across all TCGs, we follow a tier system where cards are classified into tiers A, B, C, or D, according to their conditions. These conditions are indicated by the seller, but rest assured that it will be assessed and verified by our authentication team upon arrival at the SNKRDUNK Base.

  • Card Conditions
  • A: Mint condition – brand new, no damages
  • B: Minor scratches or scruffs
  • C: Moderate scratches or scruffs
  • D: Major damage



All TCG items sold through the SNKRDUNK App, be it sealed boxes or single cards, will be methodologically authenticated at the SNKRDUNK Base located in Japan. With our rigid TCG Authentication Process, SNKRDUNK ensures buyers of the authenticity of all products. All authenticated products will be delivered to customers with the SNKRDUNK Authentication Sticker.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to duel! Download the SNKRDUNK App today and purchase your favorite TCG products directly from Japan!