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16th May 2023 EDT RELEASES

8-Bit Video Games of Old Inspire adidas’ Forum 84 High “Closer Look”

It might be pixelized, but its appeal is clear.


adidas has been pushing the Forum silhouette, both Hi and Low, for over a year now. They’ve released a bevy of collaborations, in addition to a plethora of inline designs. The latest in this contemporary lineup invites you to have a “Closer Look”.

The motif wastes no space with the ankle collar pixelated in near-entirety, making the blues of the Stripes, collar, and heel look like tiny blips. The inspiration of the design may have been from the 8-bit video games of a bygone era, or by an exceptionally close-up shot of the shoe.

Either way, it proves to be an interesting take with even the branding on the profiles fully adopting the theme. Although its limited to the aforementioned collar and profiles, the rest of the shoe retains much of its original make. Its vintage appeal a mainstay, especially on the off white midsoles.

Raffles are currently open in EU retailers with a wider release scheduled for 16 May.