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10th May 2023 EDT RELEASES

Nike Outfits Their High-Performance ZoomX Ultrafly With Vibram Outsoles

Maintaining their cutting edge.


Nike may be a behemoth in sportswear now, traversing the entire range from football to weightlifting. But it’s in running where they first a name for themselves. And decades on, they continue to develop their cutting edge. They’ve come along way from waffled outsoles, integrating a deeper science in the development of their ZoomX line, now made even more famous by Eliud Kipchoge’s Breaking2 marathon.

The line continues to proliferate amongst the most ardent pro-am athletes with its advanced, lightweight Vaporweave upper, full carbon plate, and full ZoomX midsole. Nevertheless, they’ve expressed some paint points especially in the Trail offshoot of the line. Thus, the Vibram retrofitting.

It will be the first time the specialized outsoles will be integrated into a Nike shoe, garnering excitement and curiosity—visibly on reddit forums. Vibram is synonymous with top-of-the-line outdoor gear, particularly their outsoles commonly used on hiking boots.

Expect them in Nike’s brick-and-click sometime in July 2023 for US$250. So far, experts have already tested the sample pairs sent to them and reviews have been positive. Information is still scant without Nike disclosing any more in an official capacity. When they do, expect an update here at this very page!

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