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9th May 2023 EDT RELEASES

Nike LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles” is 16 Years in the Making

Slated to return in 2024.


[Update 9 May 2023] Initially reported to drop at the end of last year, the release of the Nike LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles” was scrapped. However, new reports from Sneaker Files now suggest that a new release is on the cards, slated for a Spring 2024 timeline. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you more updates as soon as we can.

Nike will be reviving a previously Player-Exclusive design, the LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles”. This isn’t the first time the sweet cereal has shown up on a pair of LeBron shoes, as the LeBron 19 Low “Fruity Pebbles” marked the first official collaboration between Magic Fruity Pebbles and Nike. However, the original LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles” released in 2006 exclusively for LeBron’s family, friends and himself, and though heavily sought-after, they never saw wider release in storefronts.

This December, the pipe dreams of many will come true when Nike releases this legendary design to the masses. Just like the original pair, it features a curved midsole and inner lining dotted with multi-coloured Fruity Pebbles over a white background. The segmented underfoot tread carries rainbow colours, while the simple white upper allows the noisier elements to shine.

Interestingly, LeBron himself wore the first ever LeBron 4 “Fruity Pebbles” pair during a game against the Atlanta Hawks on 1 December 2006, exactly 16 years before the planned release month. Knowing Nike, that’s no coincidence.

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