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25th May 2023 EDT FEATURES

The Top 10 Travis Scott Collabs of All Time

Ahead of La Flame's 32nd birthday on 30 April, we look through some of his best endorsements over the years—sneakers or not.


Jacques Berton Webster II, better known to the world as Travis Scott, is a global superstar in every sense of the term. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to find any Gen Z-er who doesn’t at least know of his name. From humble beginnings couch-surfing at his friends’ houses to having his own McDonald’s meal, La Flame has seen it all before he even celebrates his 32nd birthday on 30 April.

2023 is poised to be another big year for the rapper, with his highly anticipated fourth studio album Utopia finally set to be released in June.

While most of his accolades stem from his career as an artist, Travis Scott has morphed into a pop-culture icon. After the release of his chart-topping album Astroworld in 2018 which featured the likes of “Sicko Mode” with Drake, brands started to take note. Sometimes teased as “Corporate America’s Brand Whisperer” by various publications, anything Cactus Jack has touched has turned into gold.

Of course, one of his biggest projects outside of music comes in the form of his ongoing sneaker collaborations with Nike. While the Beaverton-based brand wasn’t his first official footwear partnership (that honor goes to Reebok, albeit short-lived), it was the Swoosh and Jumpman collabs that truly spearheaded the rapper’s meteoric rise into mainstream relevance. That, and his highly-publicized relationship with Kylie Jenner, which coincidentally occurred in the same year.

To present this commemorative listicle, we perused La Flame’s biggest endorsements to date—sneakers or not. In no particular order:

1. Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG SP

We can’t dive into a list of Travis Scott collaborations without mentioning this first, can we?

One of the most defining sneaker releases in recent history, Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG SP “Sail/Dark Mocha” was a game-changing moment for everyone involved. While his previous projects with the Swoosh, namely the Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack” and Air Force 1 Lows “AF100” and “Sail” were popular in their own rights, the “Mocha”-colored Air Jordan 1 was an all-around blockbuster that has become one of the most popular Jordan Brand sneakers of all time.

It’s also widely viewed that through this release that Travis Scott truly attained global icon status, which paved the way for future projects.

2. Helmut Lang

While Reebok gave him his first big opportunity in the footwear space, it was mainly just an endorsement deal that saw Travis Scott starring in the 2013 Reebok Classic campaign. He would have to wait four more years to officially get his first big apparel/sneaker collaboration with luxury brand Helmut Lang. The duo released a collection that consisted of apparel and two sneakers, featuring a bull motif as a reference to his Rodeo album.

While it wasn’t anywhere close to other partnerships on the list in terms of popularity, it was still a big milestone for the rapper as this signified his first big step into the footwear world.

3. Dior

It doesn’t get much bigger than working with one of the biggest luxury brands in the world, Dior. When the French fashion house released their industry-defining Air Jordan 1 High and Low sneakers, it was La Flame that was the campaign’s frontman.

The following year, Travis Scott teamed up with Kim Jones again, this time for an official Cactus Jack x Dior capsule. The collection saw a myriad of apparel, bags, accessories, sneakers, and even winter slides that came with Travis Scott’s creative touch.

It must be noted that the capsule was postponed to 2022 following the tragedy at Astroworld Festival—which was in itself, an extremely controversial decision given the recency of the incident.

4. Fortnite

2020 was when Travis Scott truly embraced the mainstream limelight. It was the year he reportedly made over US$100 million in partnership deals, and also when he earned the aforementioned “brand whisperer” moniker.

The first big collaboration for the rapper, outside of the usual Travis Scott x Nike and Jordan programming, was Epic Games’ massively popular video game, Fortnite. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns worldwide, the duo hosted an interactive concert within the game itself. More than 12 million players logged in for the event, drawing in the biggest live audience in the game’s history.

The collaboration also saw a limited-edition merch release, involving a myriad of apparel and a NERF Elite Dart Blaster.

5. McDonald’s

It didn’t take long for La Flame to embark on his next big endorsement after Fortnite. A few months after he set the virtual world aflame, his attention turned to the biggest fast-food chain in the world—McDonald’s.

In September 2020, McDonald’s launched the “Travis Scott Meal”. It was the first celebrity collaboration for The Golden Arches since Michael Jordan in 1992. The meal itself wasn’t anything special, but the impact was ginormous on every front. Legions of Ragers, the affectionate name for La Flame’s fans, stormed McDonald’s across the US, muttering “Cactus Jack sent me” to McDonald’s employees. Some outlets even ran out of burgers on a regular basis.

The successful partnership between the two later led the fast-food chain to employ celebrity collaborations regularly again, most notably with K-Pop supergroup BTS the following year. For Travis Scott, he no doubt received a big paycheck for the endorsement—boosted by an additional Golden Arches-themed apparel collection on his website.

6. Sony Playstation

In the midst of the aforementioned McDonald’s campaign, big news involving Cactus Jack broke out yet again. In October 2020, Sony announced Travis Scott as the Strategic Creative Partner for its Playstation division. This news came seemingly out of the blue at the time, which once again blew everyone’s minds away given how huge the hype for the Playstation 5 was.

Not only did he star in the game console’s launch videos, he also wore a special never-before-seen Nike Dunk Low that had the Playstation logo on the heel. That would turn out to be the Travis Scott x Playstation x Nike Dunk Low, which was reportedly limited to just 24 pairs. It now sells for over US$2,000+.

7. fragment x Air Jordan 1 High & Low “Military Blue”

How do you top one of the greatest Air Jordan 1 releases in recent history? By involving legendary Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s brand, fragment. Leaked and teased all throughout the first half of 2021, the Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1 High “Military Blue” released in July that year, with the Low variation debuting a month later.

Needless to say, the firepower of both Fujiwara and Travis Scott sent the sneakersphere into a frenzy. In fact, just like its “Mocha” predecessor, it’s hard to find a list of “top 10 sneaker releases in 2021” without mentioning this sneaker. Even till today, both variations remain some of the hardest sneakers to obtain, with interested parties having to fork out at least US$1,200+ for the Lows, and US$2,000+ for the Highs.

To note, La Flame’s own merch collection for this release saw the inclusion of KAWS, making it a bigger celebration than it already was.

8. Reese’s Puffs

If you remember the COVID-19 supermarket panic rushes, there was another shelf-clearing event that occurred a year prior. Travis Scott’s first big foray outside of music and fashion saw him working with General Mills’ Reese’s Puffs Cereal line.

A limited-edition version was first released on Travis Scott’s website, designed by La Flame himself. The cereal came in an acrylic box and sold for US$50. If you thought that’s a hefty price tag for a box of cereal, they completely sold out on his website in less than 30 seconds. A special pop-up event soon arrived in Paris, where Cactus Jack signed boxes himself in person.

Eventually, a more GR version (if you will) was released in supermarkets across the country, but as mentioned above, they were quickly emptied out by Ragers.

9. Nike SB Dunk Low

The rapper’s love for the Nike SB Dunk series created a new desire within the sneaker market. In fact, he’s one of the main reasons why the Nike Dunk Low enjoyed a resurgence over the past few years, becoming one of the Swoosh’s top-selling silhouettes.

It didn’t take long for Nike to notice it either. In 2020, Cactus Jack was given the opportunity to design his own Nike SB Dunk Low. Regarded as one of his best Nike collaborations to date, the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low had it all—tearaway uppers, thick rope laces, and bandana/gingham graphics. Similar to the fragment Jordan 1s, you’re going to have to fork out at least US$1,700+ to land a deadstock pair these days.

10. Byredo

The last item in our list comes in, perhaps, the most unexpected out of them all. Late 2020, after the McDonald’s and the Nike SB Dunk Low collaborations, saw Cactus Jack team up with Swedish fragrance house Byredo to deliver a co-branded perfume and candle.

Titled “Travx Space Rage”, the collection was designed to feel and smell like outer space. The 100-ml perfume bottle sold for US$285, while the candle sold for US$95. While that sounds vague and expensive, it certainly didn’t stop his fans from selling out the collection in a day. While this capsule might not have reached the same heights in terms of popularity as his other 2020 collaborations listed above, it just showcased how versatile Travis Scott’s name was back then—attach him to anything and it will sell.

Honorable Mention: Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Medium Olive”

While it’s far too early to put the upcoming Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Medium Olive” on this list, it’s definitely worth mentioning since it’s his latest collaboration that’s poised to drop on 26 April. Also, if early sources are to be believed, the “Medium Olive” could very well be his final Jordan Brand silhouette. Only time will tell if there’s any truth to the rumors.

And that’s it for our Top 10 Best Travis Scott Collaborations of All Time. While there’s certainly a huge bunch of other honorable mentions, such as the Cactus Jack Seltzers or his Mattel Hot Wheels, these 10 endorsements were massive on a global level.

It’s exciting to see how 2023 will pan out for the rapper, especially with Utopia set to release later this year. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you the latest about Travis Scott and his upcoming projects in due time.