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24th February 2023 EDT FEATURES

Calling All Sneakerheads and Art Lovers: Here’s Why You Can’t Miss Sneakertopia

The ultimate sneaker art and culture museum hits Singapore's shores from 25th February onwards.

Calling All Sneakerheads and Art Lovers: Here’s Why You Can’t Miss Sneakertopia
Calling All Sneakerheads and Art Lovers: Here’s Why You Can’t Miss Sneakertopia

Founded by Emmy Award-winning producer Steve Harris and Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Steve Brown in 2019, Sneakertopia, an immersive sneaker pop-up museum experience, makes its way over to the shores of Singapore. Marking the exhibition’s first steps into Asia since their debut in Los Angeles, Sneakertopia promises to be a colorful larger-than-life celebration of art and sneakers.

Having recently held a mini pop-up event at last year’s Culture Cartel event in Singapore, Sneakertopia will officially open its doors at the ArtScience Museum come 25th February.

“Sitting at the intersection of fashion, technology and art, the exhibition explores the cultural significance of sneakers, how they became so highly covetable, and how they have inspired the practices of artists in Singapore and around the world,” said Honor Harger, Vice President of ArtScience Museum and Attractions, Marina Bay Sands.

As we wait in anticipation for Sneakertopia’s grand opening, here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to see at the groundbreaking exhibition this weekend.

1. Artworks from 13 Top U.S. Creatives

Back to the Future IV by McFlyy

13 top U.S. creatives, including the likes of McFlyy, Michael Murphy and Mimi Yoon, will have their artworks displayed throughout Sneakertopia. The artists, who explore American street and pop culture through their pieces, will showcase how different genres such as entertainment, sports, film and art tie in with sneaker culture.

In addition, two never-before-seen site-related artworks by smoluk and Tommii Lim will feature at the exhibition, specifically created for the Asian premiere of Sneakertopia.

2. A Spotlight on Locally-Based Artists

The talented creatives behind Sneakertopia

Tying in with the exhibition’s first foray into the Asian hemisphere, a spotlight highlighting creative practices from Singaporean and locally-based creatives such as Jahan Loh, Sam Lo, Soph O, Kristal Melson and Juls, as well as contemporary art and design collective PHUNK will also be represented at Sneakertopia.

This spotlight aims to offer a different insight into the South East Asian street culture scene, one that draws inspiration from different pockets of deep-rooted culture all across the region. “So I’m really excited that we have brand new artists like HURUHARA and Sam Lo that were not part of the original exhibition in Los Angeles,” said co-founder Steve Harris, “which is what we’re all about in continuing to provide a platform for exposure for street artists.”

3. Mr. Sabotage’s and JJ Lin’s Personal Archives

Mr. Sabotage’s collection

There’s nothing cooler than being able to explore a celebrity’s personal collection. Present at Sneakertopia are the unique archives of famed musician JJ Lin and Mark Ong, better known to the sneaker community as Mr. Sabotage or SBTG.

JJ Lin’s amazing collection of rare sneakers and art pieces will be on full display at the exhibition, as well as Mr. Sabotage’s combination of vintage shoes, his own custom designs and his skateboard collection. Not only are both installations a must-visit for any fan, they will most certainly impress hardcore collectors as well.

4. A Feast for the Eyes

AIR (2019) by Michael Murphy

Sneakertopia is set to be the first immersive large-scale sneaker exhibition in Singapore, perfect for both art lovers and sneaker fanatics. Featuring almost 50 murals, installations and designs relating to multiple facets of modern pop culture, there’s plenty to keep you occupied throughout the space.

For the sneakerheads, over 100 limited-edition sneakers will be displayed at the spectacle, giving you a glimpse of some of the rarest kicks you can find around the world.

5. The Merchandise Store

The Sneakertopia merchandise shop

Nothing wraps up a museum visit quite like taking a piece of it home with you, literally. The merchandise shop offers a wide variety of products, ranging from Sneakertopia-branded tees to collectibles designed and made by the exhibition’s creatives’ themselves. There’s certainly something for everyone, so don’t forget to swing by the shop on your way out!

Organised by SPACElogic with partners Gushcloud International and SL Experiences, Sneakertopia will run from 25th February to 30th July 2023, with tickets starting from SG$14 onwards. For more information about the event and ticket purchasing, you can head over to the ArtScience Museum’s webpage.

Also, for those looking to find out more about Sneakertopia and it’s co-founder Steve Harris, stay tuned for an exclusive interview!

Images courtesy of Sneakertopia.