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11th May 2023 EDT RELEASES

Nike Will Not Be Moving Forward With Tom Sachs and the Mars Yard 3.0

Following allegations of the NYC artist's less-than-desirable conduct.


[Update 11 May 2023] Tom Sachs has finally released a statement on the ongoing allegations about his studio’s “cult-like”, toxic work environment. The designer took to Instagram Stories, posting a handwritten note expressing regret that “anyone, ever, felt less than supported, safe and fulfilled within [his] studio”, as well as reflecting that his studio “did not take the the necessary time to professionalize [their] operations” as it grew.

As with any statement following serious allegations, not everybody will be satisfied. Some accounts on Instagram expressed doubts about whether the statement is a truly sincere apology or nothing but a simple deflection – regardless, it’s clear that Sachs is now willing to publicly recognise the issue at hand, which is still a step in the right direction. Check out the full letter below:

Tom Sachs Letter Apology Scandal Workplace Studio Allegations Nike Mars Yard

[Update 8 May 2023] Contrary to the rumors that the Nike Mars Yard 3.0 will be released in the holiday season, despite the major allegations against its maker Tom Sachs, Nike themselves have finally put them to rest with an official statement: “We are not working with Tom’s studio at this time and have no release dates planned.”

The Tom Sachs x Nike collaborative portfolio has been one of the most unique and successful in recent years, but with these terrifying accusations against the artist, unmitigated by the new social climate, it makes sense that the Swoosh will pulling the brakes on the partnership.

[Update 5 May 2023] What a turn of events. After allegations of a tyrannical work culture, it was all but assumed that Tom Sachs’ Nike Mars Yard 3.0 would be cancelled just like its maker. But apparently not, with news from Sole Retriever indicating that the project will go ahead.

There isn’t much else to ascertain it but a style code and a price point were shared, in addition to a purported natural, sport red, maple, sail, and black color scheme. If it is manifested, the pair’s projected to drop sometime in the holiday season.

Given what the public knows now, will the success of the pair mirror its predecessors still? Or will the art be received divorced from the artist?

LINEA third edition of the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard sneaker which was reportedly in the works might be canned, following allegations of Sachs’ cult-like work culture and violent tendencies towards his studio staff.

According to a detailed report by Complex, this Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 3.0 is supposed to feature a design distinctly different from the rubber toe-capped 2.5 and the highly-sought after 2.0.

Tom Sachs is one of Nike’s biggest collaborators. A pair of Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 currently goes for upwards of SG$7,400 on the SNKRDUNK App. The latest collaborative sneaker from the partners is a pair of NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe in brown colorway that dropped in February.

News of Tom Sachs’ alleged abusive behavior first broke this week, with many former employees coming forward to speak about Sachs’ subversive behavior, including accusations of anti-semitic antics.

In the Complex story published yesterday, it was reported that the original shoe box which the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yars 2.0 sneakers came in has a line “work like a slave” printed on the inner lid of the box. The quote is from Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi and the full quote is “Work like a slave, order like a king, create like a god.”

It is unclear if Nike is going to pause all projects with Tom Sachs moving forward, but the Swoosh brand said they are “deeply concerned” and seek to “better understand the situation”.

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Image via Tom Sachs (IG)