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29th March 2023 EDT RELEASES

Can the Nike Dunk Mid “Panda” Get the Same Love?

The "Panda" has seen some Highs and Lows, now it sees the Mids.


[Update 29 Mar 2023] Perhaps we’ll finally see how the Mids fair in popularity compared to its low-top counterpart. The titular “Panda” mid-top is scheduled for release on 11 April at Nike’s brick-and-click for US$115.


The “Panda” colorway gets all the love, but no so much the Mids. Time will tell next year whether the titular colorway has the Midas touch to change the fate of the latter. The Panda has seen some Highs and Lows, and today it lands on the fence, on the middle ground. The Mids has been largely chastised by the purists, deemed a carbon copy of the OG Highs, lacking the history and nostalgia, nothing but a model designed to please a small subset.

If its not already notorious for being an anomaly, it further deviates from the more by featuring a full canvas upper as opposed to the traditional leather construction. That aside, the Swooshes and the topside of the heel counter however arrive in leather. The white base layer is a mainstay as are the black overlays. Branding elements remain where they are on the tongue, interior, and as the embroidery of the sans serif logo on the heel.

No firm release date has been disclosed, save for a spring 2023. When D-Day comes to pass, find them on Nike.com with a RRP of US$115.

Elsewhere under the Nike umbrella, the Nike Air Jordan 2 “Cement Grey” gets a special embellishment.