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6th March 2023 EDT RELEASES

Make Your Mark With Nike Dunk Low “The Future is Equal”

A message spoken through footwear.


[Update 22 Feb 2023] The future is most certainly nearing, with an official date for the upcoming Nike Dunk Low WMNS “The Future is Equal” being announced today. Instead of its earlier purported date of 2nd March, the release will instead be five days later on 7th March. A slight delay doesn’t take away from how clean this sneaker is!

[Update 9 Dec] While it isn’t as soon as expected, the Nike Dunk Low WMNS “The Future is Equal” is set for a release on 2nd March 2023. Retailing for $110 a pair in women’s sizing, stay tuned for the official drop via Nike and selected retailers.


Ever since its debut, the Nike Dunk Low series has since an extreme growth in popularity, especially with the “Panda” colorway that has seen many restocks in its lifespan. Riding on to the wave, Nike has released many variations of the silhouette and with many being a creative take on colored panels, the sports label decided to keep things simple yet meaningful to end off this year’s lineup of releases.

Introducing the Nike Dunk Low “The Future is Equal”, the sneaker features white canvas throughout the uppers, acting as a base for any artworks that spreads on it. In this case, Nike took the initiative to spread the message of ‘Equality’, with a decorative print of “The Future is Equal” on one side and “Equality” on the other. Looking inside, one printed insole sports the same message as the outer while the other holds a secret message of “Make Your Mark”.

No confirmed release dates are known at the moment, but do stay tuned for more updates as the Nike Dunk Low “The Future is Equal” is expected to arrive in the coming weeks via Nike and selected retailers.

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