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26th July 2023 EDT RELEASES

The Nike Dunk Low Gets Multifaceted With “Chicago Split”

Nope, not the Jordan 1 Low. Close though!


[Update 26 Jul 2023] Following its initial release just a few weeks back, a restock has now been confirmed for the Nike Dunk Low “Chicago Split”. The pair will once again be made available on 1 August via Nike Japan with a retail price of 15,400 JPY (~US$110).

[Update 23 Mar 2023] There’s no word yet about when these shoes are getting released. But there’s reason to be optimistic with the emergence of these official photos. Have a better look at them at the image gallery above! When a date does surface, count that you’ll hear it from here at this very page.

[Update 5 Jan 2023] There’s no release date disclosed just yet but detailed images have come to light, courtesy of @prvt.selection.

All its notable features are more vivid, particularly the tripartite design of the outsoles split between grey and black. Howbeit, it does contradict the depiction in the in-hand images. Perhaps, solely the official photos from Nike will confirm what the final design will be. Only time, and the Swoosh will tell when they will be out.

[Update 4 Jan 2023] The Swoosh has yet to share any official images. Nevertheless, the leaks does the job well enough in ascertaining the pairs existence. More in-hand looks have been added to the slider gallery above. A firm release date hasn’t been disclosed but from what discernible from the visuals so far, the “Chicago Split” is as good as ready. There’s reason to believe a drop is imminent.


Nike has enough classics in its back catalogue that even if they stopped producing new silhouettes, the inertia they’ve built will keep them going for awhile. But the Swoosh didn’t get to the top by being lackadaisical with their efforts, they’ve always been pushing the envelope like the mailman. When not introducing new sneaker technologies, they’re experimenting on their archetypal silhouettes like the Nike Dunk Low.

This new “Chicago Split” colorway takes on the quintessential “Chicago” colorway made famous by the Air Jordan 1. While most shoes arrive in a uniform color-blocking, Nike knows the rules well enough to break them.

Leather construction forms the entirety of the upper, with a white base layer along with red overlays. Where the “Split” motif makes an appearance is first on the Swoosh where black makes up the head before the paint dissipates into the grey leather layer underneath. The reverse is then applied on the outsole where black takes up the rear, empties midfoot before leading to the grey on the fore.

The leaked images offer a first look at the pair. Thus, there isn’t much to derive from and Nike hasn’t disclosed anything else. The release cycle is usually much longer so with only a month left into the year, it’s safe to assume they’ll be dropping sometime in 2023.

Till then, have a look at the new Nike Air Force 1 Low, the same experimental MO incorporating different kinds of finishes in their repertoire.