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4th January 2023 EDT RELEASES

Choose Your Starters With Pokemon x Puma

Why not catch 'em all?


[Update 9 Nov 2022] The launch of Pokémon x PUMA line has been officially revealed. The 5 previously unveiled sneakers are included, along with the TRC Blaze Court in the “Gengar” colorway. Additionally, apparel and accessories including sweatshirts, tees, messenger bags, backpacks, beanies, and more will be included in the collection.

It’s been confirmed that the Pokémon x PUMA sneakers will drop in Full Family Sizing. Prices range from US$80 to US$130 depending on which colorway. Meanwhile, enjoy the official TRC Blaze Court “Gengar” and campaign images.

[Update 4 Nov 2022] A release date of 12th November is confirmed for the Pokemon x Puma collection. That also means you have one week left to make your pick!


Remember the days where you spent time picking your first starter for the first Pokemon game? It was a common topic between friends and family and looking at how the series have grown with the additions of many new Pokemon, the OG series proves to still be a favorite among many.
Now trainers, get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey as Puma requires you to make your choice again with this upcoming sneaker collaboration with Pokemon.

Introducing the four main starters of the Kanto region, the lineup includes a total of five models that stays true to the color palette of each of them. With the Rider FV silhouette, Puma recreates the images of “Bulbasaur” and “Pikachu” in a modern fashion through a slightly oversized track-inspired sole design. Going for the sweet and classic vibes, shades of blue fills the Puma Suede with “Squirtle” as the chosen one. The Slipstream Lo is given a ‘fire’ makeover with “Charmander” as the flame graphics fill the outsole. Coming as a bonus “Pikachu”, the RS-X sees shades of yellow with paint splatters acting as the detailing.

Last but not least, regardless of your pick, the type of your Pokemon will be shown on the heel tabs in a window-styled paneling with the Pokedex number hidden under the shoe tongue.

While release dates are yet to be confirmed, stay tuned as the Pokemon x Puma collection is expected to be dropped within the month of November. In the meantime, choose your starter or you might want to aim to be the strongest trainer by catching ’em all.

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