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26th September 2022 EDT RELEASES

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tells a Tale With adidas in Y2K-Inspired Collection

Yugi Muto wouldn't be shy to switch out his boots for the Y2K-inspired footwear collection.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, a well-known anime, manga, and trading card game series made by Japanese artist Kazuki Takahashi, has partnered with adidas as a form of tribute to his recent passing.

adidas chose two Y2K-era shoe models for this partnership, paying homage to how Yu-Gi-Oh! swept the globe in the early 2000s. The first is the ADI2000, a brand-new style with design cues from early 2000s bulky skate shoes. The colors “Dark Magician” and “Blue Eyes” are also available for these. The tongues of the former have a Millenium Puzzle image and the words “Dark Magic!” while those of the latter have a Kaiba Corp emblem and the words “Burst Stream!!”. These footwear options all come in unique packaging and have tags that showcase various Exodia pieces.

The second footwear is the Reptossage, a mysterious slide style first unveiled in 1999 and distinguished by its eye-catching thermoplastic rubber (TPR) footbed, EVA outsole, and Velcro fastening. On one set of straps, you can see Seto Kaiba and Blue Eyes White Dragon, while on the other, you can see Yami Yugi and Dark Magician.

Check out the ADI2000 and Reptossage Yu-Gi-Oh! x adidas images in the meantime as details are limited with no official release date and retail price. This line will go on sale in the upcoming weeks at a few select shops and on adidas.com.

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