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18th August 2022 EDT RELEASES

Wacko Maria x Vans Vault Authentic Showcases That a Leopard Never Changes its Spots

Wacko Maria and Vans meet again, and this time the Japanese label is laying on another of its classic prints: leopard spots.


Those that appreciate maximalism but still want casual fits suitable for day-to-day wear would probably have chanced upon Japanese label Wacko Maria. Emblazoning their offerings are bold prints often inspired from 50s to 80s America, with hallucinatory swirls and traditional-style animals among is multitude of styles. But cult fans would know that among these wacky designs, there are two recurring motifs that characterise the brand: vinyl discs and leopard prints.

In Wacko Maria and Vans’ previous meeting, the street label already adorned Vans’ classic silhouettes with its recognizable vinyl records. Now, in their second collusion, Wacko Maria is bringing their signature leopard look to the Vans Authentic in three different colorways — gray, brown and peach.

Given that the leopard prints are the centre of attention in this collaboration, other elements of the shoe are kept relatively simple. A black lining pipes the upper and the laces take on a simple white. The sole, too, stays away from the limelight and takes on a pristine white.

This Wacko Maria x Vans collaboration will be released on 27 August and will retail for¥12,100 (~US$90). As we wait for the drop, why not check out a just-as-wacky (or strange) Vans collaboration with Stranger Things?