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16th August 2022 EDT RELEASES

Carhartt and New Balance Get Together for a New 990V1

The two brands are similar in so many ways - it's a wonder that it took them so long to collaborate. We're just glad it's finally happening.


DISCLAIMER: Due to miscommunications with release agencies earlier this year, the Carhartt WIP x New Balance 990V1 “Dark Navy” was accidentally released for a short period of time in the UK. However, the official global release is expected to happen next month. For those who are new to this long-awaited collaboration, read more below!

After their founding 133 years ago, Carhartt has risen up the ranks to their current position as the ruler of durable workwear. Known for their high quality products, their simple yet aesthetically pleasing workwear was first popularised by rappers in the ’90s and later went on to dominate the anti-fashion scene. In today’s world of fast fashion and near-disposable clothing, more and more consumers are flocking towards brands like Carhartt to obtain long-lasting, quality apparel. The workwear brand’s casual wear line, Carhartt WIP spins a modern twist on old-school rugged workwear, making it feasible to pair with any outfit and environment. Carhartt WIP is no stranger to collaborations, so it was only a matter of time before they teamed up with their equivalent in the footwear industry: New Balance.

When two brands specialised in creating aesthetic, comfortable and high quality products team up, what’s the end result? An aesthetic, comfortable and high quality piece of apparel. The Carhartt WIP x New Balance 990V1 “Dark Navy” utilises the original silhouette from New Balance’s highly-regarded 990 series, which by no coincidence celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. This sneaker uses a visually-pleasing mix of “Dark Navy”-coloured suede, “Pussywillow Grey” mesh and leather to create a tasteful spin on the classic silhouette. Cream tones also show up on the inner lining and part of the outsole tread. An element completely unique to this collaboration are the Carhartt and New Balance logos that appear on both tongue and heel tabs, wrapping up the design.

Overall, the 990V1 “Dark Navy” is so perfectly Carhartt and New Balance. It uses colours that you’d see on each of their individual product lines, high quality materials (presumably supplied by Carhartt), has a simple yet flavourful design and can be used in both casual and work environments – it’s a perfect fusion of both brands’ identities. The Carhartt WIP x New Balance 990V1 “Dark Navy” is expected to drop sometime in September 2022, but here’s to hoping that the two brands will collaborate even more beyond this release!

In other sneaker-related news, New Balance is giving the 1906R silhouette space to breathe through two new colourways.