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25th June 2024 EDT RELEASES

The Nike x Hyperice Boot Aims To Offer Peak Performance

Expected to hit retail stores before the end of 2024.


In a major development for athletes of all levels, sportswear giant Nike and recovery technology leader Hyperice have unveiled a groundbreaking line of wearable technology designed to optimize performance. The Nike x Hyperice boots and vest represent a significant leap forward in both pre-workout preparation and post-workout recovery.

“Recovery is crucial, but athletes are increasingly emphasizing the importance of ‘pre-covery,'” says Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director of Nike Athlete Innovation. The Nike x Hyperice system caters to this need, ensuring peak performance regardless of an athlete’s goals, whether it’s championship glory or simply staying active.

The high-tech boots offer on-demand heat and dynamic air compression massage specifically for the feet and ankles. This innovative combination, powered by strategically placed heating elements and dual-air Normatec bladders, accelerates the natural recovery process, leaving athletes feeling pre-warmed and ready to perform. Users can control the heat and compression intensity with a single button or customize each shoe individually.

The accompanying Nike x Hyperice vest allows for unprecedented control over body temperature. Leveraging technology from Hyperice’s X line, the vest provides instant heating and cooling without the need for cumbersome ice packs. Built-in sensors and thermal modules work together to autonomously maintain optimal body temperature, while an air bladder ensures a comfortable and effective fit.

LeBron James, a key figure in the product’s development, is enthusiastic about its potential. “Taking care of my body is paramount,” says the basketball legend. “From the first time I tried the Nike x Hyperice system, I knew it would revolutionize pre-workout and recovery routines for athletes everywhere.”

Long-distance running champion Eliud Kipchoge is another satisfied user. “The boots have become an essential part of my training this year,” he says. “They keep my legs feeling light during intense sessions and significantly improve my post-run recovery.”

Golfer Tom Kim and track and field star Nafi Thiam have also incorporated the boots into their training, experiencing similar performance enhancements.

“Hyperice has always been inspired by Nike’s dedication to innovation and athlete empowerment,” says Anthony Katz, Founder and President of Hyperice. “This collaboration represents the culmination of years of work, and it’s just the beginning. We’re excited to deliver cutting-edge solutions that elevate athletic performance and recovery.”

While details surrounding the official release of the Nike x Hyperice boots and vest remain undisclosed, both are expected to hit retail stores before the end of 2024. Notably, around 100 Nike athletes competing in the upcoming Paris Olympics will be sporting the system, providing valuable feedback as they continue to test the product in a high-pressure environment.

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