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14th June 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] The Big Freeze: Glaceon VMAX (Eevee Heroes [S6a] 091/069)

One of the four VMAX versions of Eeveelution cards from Eevee Heroes [S6a].

Pokémon TCG Glaceon VMAX

Eevee Heroes [S6a], an eighth-generation Pokémon TCG subset centered on Eevee and its eight evolutions, was one of the most highly-anticipated sets of Gen 8. That’s because the Pokémon of the Eevee evolutionary family have always been among the most popular of the entire Pokémon franchise. One of the standout cards of Eevee Heroes [S6a] is this Glaceon VMAX card.

Coming in a rarity of Hyper Rare (HR), the card’s Full Art illustration clearly shows that Glaceon VMAX has turned giant by Dynamaxing. The visual effect of Dynamax Energy is visible via the red glow that surrounds Glaceon VMAX as well as the red cloud made of Dynamax Energy floating just over Glaceon VMAX’s head.

The illustration also showcases the effects of Glaceon VMAX’s Max Icicle attack; Glaceon VMAX and a few other Pokémon are shown atop the now-frozen surface of a pond. Notably, one of those Pokémon is Pikachu. Despite not being the featured Pokémon of this card, the very fact that the face of the Pokémon franchise is part of the illustration certainly raises the card’s desirability.

For aesthetic depth and impact, there’s a slight spectrum-like glow over on the left side of the card. This creates the impression that light is reflecting off the surface of the ice. Finally, it must be reiterated that being an Eeveelution card, the Glaceon VMAX card is one that’s very much sought-after.

In English, this card is part of the Evolving Skies set as card 209/203.

One copy of a Glaceon VMAX (Eevee Heroes [S6a] 091/069) card has a price of 55,000 JPY (~US$348).

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