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29th May 2024 EDT NEWS

[ONE PIECE Card Game] The Red/Purple Luffy Deck Is About to Make a Comeback

Just when some thought this deck had disappeared, the meta shifted in its favor.

ONE PIECE Card Game Red/Purple Luffy Deck

From November 2023 to February 2024, the Red/Purple Luffy deck was among the most dominant in the ONE PIECE Card Game metagame. Its potential was first showcased by Italian player Giovanni Salvatore Oliva who won Regional tournament in Barcelona and Liverpool with it. Over the next several months, the Red/Purple Luffy deck would remain a meta staple before declining sharply around March 2024.

However, with the recent release of Two Legends [OP-08] and the changes to the meta it will bring, this deck is expected to re-establish itself as one of the meta’s leading decks. Early results in online play have been very encouraging and are expected to translate into high placements at upcoming tournaments.

A deck notable for its rapid pace of play, this deck’s Leader card—the Monkey D. Luffy card from The Three Captains [ST-10]—has a substantial Power of 6000 that forces opponents to commit more DON!! on their Leader and Characters when attacking. This card is also ideal for DON!! ramping because if the player has 8 or more DON!! cards in play, the player gets the chance to take another such card from the DON!! deck, set it as active, and thereby ease the setup of high-cost Characters.

Those high-cost Characters in question? Eustass Kid from The Three Captains [ST-10] and Edward Newgate from Paramount War [OP-02]. The idea is to play Kid first to set up a Power boost. Then, bring in Newgate to unleash devastating blows that can often cause a decisive swing in the game.

The most difficult matchup for this deck is the Black Moria deck. When playing against that deck, it’s important to keep hand size as small as possible and emphasize Power boosts; doing so mitigates the Black Moria deck’s inherent advantages. Ideally, the player should seek to bait the opponent out of attacking and into board development plays.

The cumulative cost of all the cards in a Red/Purple Luffy deck is 40,620 JPY (~US$258).

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