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28th May 2024 EDT RELEASES

[ONE PIECE Card Game] This Carrot Card Builds on the Hype From the Promotional Card (Two Legends [OP-08] OP08-021)

The V Jump released was perfectly timed with regard to demand for this card.

ONE PIECE Card Game Carrot

Introduced in the One Piece manga’s Whole Cake Island Arc as a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, Carrot ended up becoming one of the breakout fan-favorite characters of the post-timeskip portion of the manga. Thus, many ONE PIECE Card Game cards depicting her, such as this one from the recently-released Two Legends [OP-08], have become highly coveted.

The card’s illustration that features a close-up of Carrot also puts emphasis on Carrot’s green cape which references her ties to Pedro, one of the Guardians led by Nekomamushi. Unlike the other Musketeers, Carrot trained under Pedro and thus has links to the Guardians despite being a Musketeer herself.

As is so often the case, the fact that this card depicts a female character gives the card’s value a bump. In addition, the fact that Carrot’s character design and concept very much caters to… let’s just say, a specific subsection of fans will certainly make those fans even more eager to land this card. Finally, the release of Two Legends [OP-08] and thus this card came just a few days after the release of a promotional Carrot card in the July 2024 issue of shōnen animanga magazine V Jump, adding to the overall hype around it.

This card’s English release date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

One copy of a Carrot (Two Legends [OP-08] OP08-021) card of LP rarity sells for 2,400 JPY (~US$15).

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