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19th April 2024 EDT RELEASES

[Pokémon TCG] Break the Glass In Case of Emergency: Technical Machine: Crisis Punch (Shiny Treasue ex [SV4a] 170/190)

Break out this card at just the right time for the "deus ex machina"-esque win.

Pokémon TCG Technical Machine: Crisis Punch

In late-game scenarios—especially against Pokémon TCG decks which pose matchup difficulties—it becomes especially important to have a backup plan. This is even more so when the opponent has just one Prize card left. For such situations, the Technical Machine: Crisis Punch card from Shiny Treasure ex [SV4a] is just the thing.

After attaching this Pokémon Tool card to any Pokémon, that Pokémon gains access to the Crisis Punch attack for just one turn. Requiring three Energy cards for use, that attack deals a monstrous 280 damage but can only be used if the opponent has already taken all Prize cards but one. That enormous damage output is enough to one-shot almost any Pokémon.

For maximum effect, this card can be played when attacking an opponent’s multi-Prize Pokémon such as a Pokémon V, Pokémon-ex, or Pokémon VSTAR. When the opponent has one Prize card remaining, it’s more than likely that the player will have one or two left as well. If the player has two Prize cards left, pulling out this card against a multi-Prize Pokémon and scoring the KO will claim the win on the spot.

The card’s illustration shows energy radiating from the Technical Machine—a reflection of the sheer power of Crisis Punch. This is further emphasized by white glow surrounding the Item; the holofoil that covers the card provides the finishing touch to this effect.

In English, this card is card 090/091 in the Paldean Fates [PAF] set.

The price of a Technical Machine: Crisis Punch (Shiny Treasue ex [SV4a] 170/190) card is 1,860 JPY (~US$12).

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