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10th January 2024 EDT RELEASES

These Studio Hagel x adidas Samba “Napkin” Must Be Made Official!

Four prototypes made inspired by hand-embroidered napkins.


After Wales Bonner rejuvenated the adidas Samba even further, fans are craving more imaginative takes on the iconic silhouette. Enter Amsterdam’s Studio Hagel, a renowned concept studio known for pushing footwear boundaries (as attested to by their official Instagram).

Hagel isn’t just about mind-bending prototypes for Nike and beyond; they launched their own line, the Shroud, in 2022. Now, they’ve teased four Samba prototypes that reimagines and transforms the Samba, with motifs inspired by delicate hand-embroidered napkins.

The Studio Hagel x adidas Samba “Napkin” boast dreamy fabrics, each dotted with a charming sprinkle of blossoms and trimmed with piping that mimics dainty handkerchiefs. Four colorways exist for now, but whether they’ll grace Studio Hagel’s online shelves has yet to be ascertained.

Stay tuned! Perhaps an official Studio Hagel x adidas will happen eventually.

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