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15th November 2023 EDT RELEASES

When & Where to Buy: Demon Slayer x Crocs Collaboration

Dropping first at New York Comic Con 2023, and then Foot Locker.


[Update 11 Oct 2023] The Demon Slayer x Crocs collaboration finally has a release schedule! They’ll be hitting the shelves first at New York Comic Con taking place 12–15 October. But fret not if you won’t be in attendance, a wider release will happen at Foot Locker on 18 October. The four pairs are priced between US$65 to US$80.

Keep a lookout! Expect the collection to move quickly, so move faster. Till then, enjoy the official images at the gallery above!

[Update 30 Sep 2023] First looks of the Demon Slayer x Crocs collab have arrived via @hyplandjordan on TikTok. Aside from an exclusive Demon Slayer collaboration box, the four main characters—Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke—will receive their own iteration of Crocs and custom jibbitz.

demon slayer x crocs tanjiro nezuko jibbits

As expected, Tanjiro’s version will feature his signature checkered haori print. His jibbitz are nods towards important motifs in the show, including a wooden box, which protects his sister Nezuko from the sun, his sword guard, and the feline familiar Chachamaru.

Nezuko’s Crocs, too, features her pink haori print alongside a wooden box jibbitz. A pink bow, which Nezuko wears on her hair in the hit anime series, is included as a jibbitz as well. A welcomed surprise is Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle appearing right under the straps.

Zenitsu’s iteration has a yellow base with triangle prints alongside jibbitz that are key to character. This includes his sword guard and Chuntaro, the cowardly character’s assigned bird that usually perches on his head.

Last but not least, Inosuke’s Crocs are dressed in a light blue, while his jibbitz include serrated dual blades and the “angry” emoji that embodies his haughty nature.

All versions of the Demon Slayer x Crocs feature a unique wave-like embossing, likely representing the breathing technique that are the anchor of the characters’ skills. The Demon Slayer logo is stamped onto the insole and strap’s button.

Aside from Nezuko, the other three characters who’ve earned a place in the Demon Slayer Corps will come with the “Metsu” Kanji character as a jibbitz. Based on what we know of the show, it’s more than likely a nod to their commitment of exterminating demons (the show’s name in Japanese is Kimetsu no Yaiba).


Demon Slayer fans, alert! A Demon Slayer x Crocs crossover is in the works, and from the looks of it, the collection might drop during the New York Comic Con this October.

New York Comic Con first confirmed the existence of the collab on social media with a short teaser that showcases four main characters from the hit anime and manga series, namely Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma. Additionally, Footlocker was tagged at the end of the video, hinting at an exclusive release maybe?

What to Expect from the Demon Slayer x Crocs Collab?

Neither Demon Slayer nor Crocs has released additional details of this upcoming partnership. But It is speculated that the Crocs collection will feature the four aforementioned characters. Without a doubt, the Crocs Classic Clog will definitely make an appearance, as it has before in countless other crossovers.

When Is the Demon Slayer x Crocs Clogs Set to Release?

Although no official release date was given, we are sure that you’d be able to catch a first look at the collection at New York Comic Con, which is happening from 12 to 15 October 2023. However, It is unclear if the collaborative foam clogs will be made available for sale then and if there are plans to release this collab outside the convention.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more latest updates for this highly-anticipated release.

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