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15th November 2023 EDT FEATURES

Nike SB Dunk VS Regular Dunk: What Are the Differences?

All you need to know about the coveted silhouette.


Thanks to recent collaborations with partners such as Supreme, Yuto Horigome, Crenshaw Skate Club, and others, the Nike SB Dunk has swiftly ascended to claim its place as one of the hottest Swoosh offerings in 2023.

Not only has this silhouette captured the admiration of seasoned sneakerheads, but these releases have also piqued the interest of fashion enthusiasts at large. However, this surging popularity has also given rise to an important question:

What are the differences between the SB and regular Dunks?

To answer this question, we’ve compiled several distinctive characteristics that are unique to the SB versions.

Without further ado, here are the factors that differentiate SB Dunks from their regular counterparts:

■ Padded Shoe Tongues

Nike SB Dunk VS Regular Dunk

Although it may vary between models, SB Dunks are usually distinguishable by their plush, padded shoe tongues, as compared to regular Dunks, which feature a slim mesh design.

This additional padding not only provides extra cushioning and protection but also contributes to an improved fit, ensuring that the footwear remains secure and stable during everyday activities.

■ Zoom Air Pod and Poron Foam

Nike SB Dunk VS Regular Dunk

Image via Sneaker Freaker

To address the physical demands of skateboarding, Nike has chosen to incorporate a Zoom Air pod in the heel and Poron foam in the forefoot, replacing the conventional EVA insoles.

This ensures the required level of protection and responsiveness, with an added terry toweling layer on top of the insole to effectively wick away sweat.

■ Number and Thickness of Rings

Nike SB Dunk VS Regular Dunk

Maintaining the excellent grip of the regular Dunks, Nike has enhanced the outsole by increasing the number of traction rings while making them slimmer.

This adjustment increases flexibility within the gaps, ultimately delivering improved stability and traction on diverse surfaces.

■ Thick, Rounded Shoelaces

Nike SB Dunk VS Regular Dunk

To counter excessive wear and tear caused by skateboarding, SB Dunks replace the classic thin, flat laces with thicker, rounded ones. This not only enhances overall durability but also ensures a snug fit, complementing the padded tongues for added comfort and performance.

And that’s how you spot the differences between a Nike SB Dunk and regular Dunk!

While the differences are subtle, these factors might just be the reason behind why the SB versions are often seen as the preferable choice between the two, even for individuals who aren’t actively involved in skateboarding.

With this understanding, you may find our compilation of top Nike SB Dunk releases in 2023 worth checking out. Remember to stay connected with our magazine for the latest updates on upcoming Nike Dunk releases as they become available.


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