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27th June 2023 EDT RELEASES

A Gem From the Past: fragment design x Nike Air Force 1 Low “HTM”

Even with the plethora of sneaker collaborations, some pairs just remain timeless.


Sneaker collaborations between two established entities may be a norm now, but the pheonoma started two decades ago when they were even rarer, more prized and coveted. Part of their proliferation in the status quo is thanks to the successes of the their predecessors.

One shoe from that epoch is the titular fragment design x Nike Air Force 1 Low “HTM”. A line started between the two parties with the acronym alluding to their makers, “H” for Hiroshi Fujiwara, “T” for Tinker Hatifield—two names that needs no introduction—and the “M” for Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO at the time.

Released in 2004, the pair features the classic all-white makeup, a sheening crocodile skin finish, and FRGMT’s lightning bolts on the lateral heel. Constructs hitherto unseen at the time. It precedes the black colorway that was released in 2007 commemorating the Air Force 1’s 25th anniversary.

If the powers that be say so, they might return in 2024. Its 20th anniversary is reason enough to bring them back. They’ll bring with them much nostalgia, especially for the sneakerheads that helped establish the culture as we know it.

Regardless, dwelling in the past for too long isn’t too healthy. There’re more things to look forward to. Such as the UNDEFEATED x Converse Weapon.