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14th December 2022 EDT RELEASES

#FR2 x SNKRDUNK Collection: Enter the Rabbit Hole

If you're reading this, you already know about our Singapore-exclusive collaboration with #FR2. Here's a deeper dive into the collection.


Come 17 December, the capsule collection will be launched, and sold exclusively at SNKRDUNK Singapore, Mandarin Gallery from 10am. It will mark the first—of which we hope—many collaborations in the future.

There’re artisans and craftsmen, gatekeepers and tastemakers, yuppies and the culturati—and then there’s Ryo Ishikawa, who’s both influenced and uninfluenced by them. This self-awareness manifested tangibly through his Fxxking Rabbits (#FR2) brainchild.

There’s more to an apparel line than a graphic imprint and a name on a t-shirt, and there’s more to sneakers than just shoes. But there’s no more logos when “Logos” is all that dictates the value of an item. It’s an art, it’s a business, it’s life—sure. In a streetwear climate where everybody takes everything so seriously, #FR2 takes itself just as seriously, by not.

There’re many things to be made, and just as many things to be made—fun of. There’s a method to the madness, a modus operandi. One the Japanese label indulges in with us in this collaboration. Without further ado:

The Airpostles Tee (SG$80) – Black / Navy

The “Sneaker Kills” on the chest is a play on the brand’s signature “Smoking Kills” motif, one recurring through most of their inline offerings, one inspired by the time Ryo Ishikawa kicked the habit as he was starting #FR2. The graphic at the back harkens to the grails in sneaker culture, the most coveted and elusive shoes. At the corner is a special embroidery of both brands’ icons with the amorous rabbit mascot “showing love” to ours.

Crybunny Tee (SG$80) – White / Black

The chest piece on the left is the collab-specific custom logo depicting “#FR2” stylized and subsumed into SNKRDUNK’s. The large “DIDN’T GET ‘EM” graphic on the back with the crying pink bunny is a satirical response to the broken system—that is most sneaker raffles. AI is a problem for the future, for now, it’s these bots.

Red Hare Girl Tee (SG$80) – Black / White

Red shoes, red eyes, red hair. Red’s a color that summons some strong emotions. Add a pretty girl with mecha-bunny ears to the equation and even a t-shirt can become an aphrodisiac. The front sees an imprint of the aforementioned while on the reverse side is the collab-custom logo below the collar.

#FR2 x SNKRDUNK Cap (SG$69) – Black

A black canvas curved-rim cap, with the dual-branded logo embroidered on the front panel and “#FR2” at the back. The adjustable strap it presides over is held by a silver buckle.

#FR2 x SNKRDUNK Tote Bag (SG$39) – Black

For the final item, a black nylon tote bag featuing the collab-custom logo as the centerpiece. On the inverse side is the hallmark yellow tag vividly depicting the amorous rabbit mascots, doing what they do best—making sure there’s enough love to go around.

Along with the events on D-Day, there will be a chance to meet the Japanese streetwear icon and #FR2 head honcho himself, Ryo Ishikawa. Moreover, there will also be Kuji Lucky Draw that you can find out more about here. See you then and there!