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23rd August 2022 EDT RELEASES

Beat the Monday Blues with Louis Vuitton’s FW22 Trainer Sneakers

From the spectacle of Louis Vuitton's Dreamhouse emerges two new LV Trainer Sneakers, paying homage to both Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh's creative vision.


Louis Vuitton’s coveted Fall/Winter 2022 show took place in a dream-like deconstructed suburban house. Models walked a runway that seemed to be trapped in a rift between space and time, snaking around cut-off walls and windows, staircases leading to nowhere, a slanted rooftop lying at ground level and a spotlit bedroom with no ceiling. All the while, a haunting, yet beautiful symphony, composed by contemporary creative genius Tyler, The Creator reverberated throughout the space.

Louis Vuitton’s newest LV Trainer Sneakers were inspired by this spectacle. According to them, the “elaborately-constructed” plain and suede calf leather upper “takes 7 hours to stitch”. The design’s detailing is rich and deeply embedded in LV’s history, featuring the founder’s silver signature script above the heel counter, while “#54” is emblazoned on the heel, symbolising the year 1854 when LV was founded. The silhouette’s outsole utilises a startling mix of geometric shapes, as well as “VUITTON” written in large capital text, adding an extra touch of flair to the design.

Two colourways  are being released, named “Blue” and “Denim Noir”. “Blue” consists of a simple mix of baby blue and white, while “Denim Noir” combines black, grey and white for a bolder look.

Compared to previous models from LV’s Trainer Line, this pair is less in-your-face, opting for a simpler aesthetic that one might see worn on the street. However, owners of the newest LV Trainer Sneakers might want to be careful where they wear these shoes, because they’re retailing for US$1,300 on LV’s online store.

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