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17th August 2022 EDT RELEASES

The PUMA MB.01 “Iridescent Dreams” Is Otherworldly


2021 NBA Rookie of the Year, All-Star selection in just his second season, the young wizard known on the court as “The Entertainer”. LaMelo Ball will someday be the face of the NBA, the same way Michael Jordan was in the ’90s, Kobe Bryant in the 2000s, and LeBron James in the 2010s. A Magic Johnson incarnate, equipped with the same charisma that would’ve allowed him to thrive in the Showtime era of the Lakers.

As dazzling as his play is with an infinite bag of razzmatazz, Puma knows well they have to design him a signature sneaker that complements it. So far, the MB.01 has come dressed in the most flamboyant drips you’d think only pimps from the ’80s would dare wear. Consider the “Galaxy” colorway, the Rick and Morty collab, to the cumulated Puma MB.01 Be You—a manic amalgam of all the previous iterations.

All things considered, this “Iridescent Dreams” is the most toned down among them. If you compare this to its predecessors, this would be David Goggins as a shoe. Suited in all black like the New Zealand rugby team, save for the branding elements, the unusually ‘mature’ aesthetic still retains all of its hallmark features.

There’s the flame embroidery on the collar that’s designed to be an extension of his space shuttle calf tattoo, and the rubberized weave pattern on the lateral heel. The graphics are printed in an iridescent sheen from the vamp to the tongue, with a subtle silver of the Puma stripe.

The sneaker will have a global release within a week from the time of writing. Best to move fast if you want to catch the Puma, the MB.01s tend to fly off the shelves quickly.

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