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25th July 2022 EDT RELEASES

ADER ERROR Frankensteins the Converse Chuck 70

This Summer 2022 season, ADER ERROR and Converse raise eyebrows with a patch-worked, distressed and layered take on a classic silhouette.


“It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!” – ADER, 2022.

Ader Error (ADER) is a South Korean brand born from an underground fashion collective, known for their symbolic, ironic – sometimes even comedic – designs. In an interview, a spokesman for the anonymous collective explained their mysterious name: ‘A’ stands for aesthetic, ‘D’ for drawing, while ‘ER’ is the suffix which combines these two terms into a single verb, meaning “people who draw on aesthetics”. Followed by the word ‘Error’, the brand’s name indicates that while their designs draw on aesthetics, they are also inspired by defects most might view as mistakes.

One can see all of these aspects come to play in their upcoming release, a well-worn (tortured, to put it bluntly), patch-worked Converse Chuck 70. Of course, they’re not quite distressed as destroyed Balenciaga Paris Sneakers, but these ADER x Converse Chuck 70s are still rough around the edges.

The collaboration looks set to release 3 colourways, including an accessorised white with an extended tongue tab, as well as two patchwork colourways in a more familiar Chuck 70 silhouette: a black/white, and a black/green. Based on campaign photos, the patchwork colourways feature additional eyelets along the inner-facing upper, with laces sprouting from these eyelets in the black/white version. Meanwhile, the white colourway features paint splatters across the toebox, as well as rough blue embroidery at the inner ankle that matches the vibrant blue laces, standing out amongst the white canvas.

Overall, these unique Chuck 70s are the kind of shoe that makes bystanders do a double take and question what they saw – exactly what ADER ERROR wants. They’re set to drop in this Summer 2022 season, but not much else is known about their release besides this. Keep your eyes peeled for official details as they surface in the near future!

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