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2nd September 2021 EDT NEWS

[Release on 8/28] Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

[Release on 8/28] Casablance x New Blance “XC-72
[Release on 8/28] Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

New Balance’s 327 and Casablance, an up-and-coming brand from Paris, have collaborated on a new pair of shoes called “XC-72”! It will go on sale on August 28.

Table of Contents

  1. About Casablance x New Blance “XC-72
  2. Description of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72
  3. Lottery of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72
  4. Photos of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

1. About Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

Casablanca, a menswear brand from Paris, was founded by Moroccan designer Sharaf Tager.
Originally a member of the creative team Pain o Chocolat, Sharaf has been a driving force in the Parisian street scene, running the famous Club Le Pompon in Paris.
His unique and distinctive items, which combine vivid colors and impactful prints with his tailoring skills, have attracted attention since the launch of the brand and are now an indispensable part of the Paris collections.
The collaboration with New Balance began in 2020, when Casablanca created a model to be worn at the runway show for its Fall/Winter 20-21 collection.
In the past, Casablanca has released a model based on the 327, but this time, the new model, the XC-72, will make its debut.
The “XC-72” was designed by Charlotte Lee, the New Balance designer who designed the 327.

This time, the collaboration model has a simple color blocking design that seals the impactful print that is typical of Casablanca.
The white leather base is overlaid with a sand beige suede overlay.
The orange center line on the toe is an accent.
The oversized “N” logo and heel cap are also orange in color.
The large midsole that protrudes from the heel is also impressive.
The green outsole that rolls up to the toe has an outstanding presence.

2. Description of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

Model  Casablance x New Blance “XC-72
Style Code Investigation
Release Date  2021/08/28
Retail Price  $150(USD)

3. Lottery of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72

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4. Photos of Casablance x New Blance “XC-72